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Developing and Transforming Senior Leaders

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This training is designed for current senior-level leaders from juvenile and adult probation departments, adult and juvenile institutions, parole, and jail staff from sheriff's offices. Suitable applicants for this training are staff members who are currently in a senior supervisory position and have the potential to be promoted to executive level positions within their departments and/or agencies.

The program is limited to 15 participants. The applicant's Director/Sheriff/Chief will be contacted to obtain approval and support for participation.

Note: Generally, staff members that are two years from retiring from the agency would not be candidates for this program.

Participant Selection

CMIT will review applications and select qualified participants that represent a diverse selection of regions, departments and agencies. Accepted applicants will be notified and provided with further instructions. Substitutions are not permitted once the selection has been made.

Participant Responsibilities

  1. Introductory interview with facilitator prior to beginning of remote module delivery
  2. Completion of Agile EQ Assessment online (following first session)
  3. Obtain a webcam, speakers, and microphone (or headset) for use in online sessions
  4. Attendance at every online session, with camera.
    Sessions will begin at 10:00am CST
  5. Complete all assignments outside scheduled meeting times: 1 hour weekly and 3-5 hours on a group project

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