Research Division

The Research Division of CMIT engages in program evaluation and related research in cooperation with local and state correctional agencies and organizations. The goals of the division are to:

Affiliated Faculty and Recent Projects

Research Director: Erin Orrick, Ph.D.

Research Associate: LaQuana Askew, M.A.

Harry "Daniel" Butler, Ph.D.

Travis Franklin, Ph.D.

Lisa Muftic, Ph.D.

Erin Orrick, Ph.D.

Melinda Tasca, Ph.D.

CMIT Research in Action

The CMIT Research Division presents these briefs to provide facilitators, staff, administration, and others an overview of literature as well as provide helpful tools and information to assist those in the field. These briefs will be featured quarterly.

Grant Links

Bureau of Justice Assistance - Funding
National Institute of Justice - Funding
Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquincy Prevention - Funding
National Criminal Justice Reference Service