Texas Probation Training Academy (TPTA)
Resource Training Officer Teams

The Texas Probation Training Academy is tasked to be responsible for providing certification training for officers throughout the state of Texas.  In order to accomplish this objective, CMIT has three teams of experienced Resource Training Officers (RTOs) who, under the guidance of CMIT, TJJD and CJAD, provide training.

Adult RTOs
Juvenile Probation RTOs
Juvenile Supervision RTOs


Each year, at the Chief Probation Officer's Conference, TPTA selects an RTO that has provided exceptional service to the team and field of Probation/Detention to receive the RTO of the Year Award. Past receipients are as follows:

  Juvenile Supervision Juvenile Probation Adult Probation
2010 Ed Gutierrez Kenda Richardson Tony Schellhamer
2009 Terrance Stanton Stephanie Mitchell Crimiel Stephanie Christopher
2008 Travis Bird Barry Gilbert Susan Orendac
2007   Vince Herdman Linda Burnett
2006   Penny Grochow Jennifer Goerig-Shaffer
2005   Jon Gustafson Dan Moore
2004   Sarah Hernandez Jonas Patrick
2003   Dave Murray Cynthia Williams
2002   Vince Herdman Leroy Barriga
2001   Penny Grochow Dorcas Rockwell
2000   Dave Johnson Noe Ruiz
1999   Roger Martinez Dan Moore
1998   Penny Grochow Herbert James, Jr.
1997   Susan Humphrey Pandora Burnett
1996   Vince Herdman Dorcas Rockwell
1995   Valerie Williams Debbie Batten
1994   Jon Gustafson Terri Perez King
1993   Janet McNutt Lewis Rosenthal
1992   Linda Williams Terry Easterling
1991   Bob Gilliam David Baker
1990   Nancy Lee Leslie A. Smith
1989   JoAnn Jones Sue Crittenden
1988   Kay Hooper Richard Miles
1987   Bruce Wilson Gary Carlile
1986   Joan Macrum Jules Franklin
1985   Bob Thomas George Pryor
1984   Janice Wright Ted Paddock
1983   Don Hightower Ann Brown

The Texas Probation Training Academy's Resource Training Officers have the following qualifications:

1. A recommendation from the Chief,
2. At least three years in the field of detention or probation, and
3. Competion of a Foundation Skills for Trainers course.

For more information or if you would like to become a resource training officer, contact TPTA at (936) 294-1682.

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