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Mar 15, 2000Working with Judges to Enforce Underage Drinking Laws 
Apr 24, 2001Enforcing Underage Drinking Programs: Internet Purchases 
May 17, 2001Cultural Awareness: Strategies For Addressing Underage Drinking 
Jul 26, 2001Motivating Law Enforcement to Address Underage Drinking 
Jan 17, 2002Making the Link with Liquor Law Enforcement 
Feb 19, 2002Making the Link between Alcohol and Crime 
May 21, 2002Reducing Underage Drinking in Rural and Bush Areas 
Aug 15, 2002Binge Drinking 
Sep 10, 2002Working with Judges and District Attorneys 
May 18, 2004Out of Control: The Link Between Alcohol and Riots 
Jun 22, 2004How Can Law Enforcement Engage Parental Involvement in Addressing Youth Access Issues? 
Oct 21, 2004Tapping into Technology: Resources to Assist in Underage Drinking Law Enforcement 
Jan 20, 2005The Alcohol Policy Information System 
Nov 17, 2005Judiciary Guidance in Addressing Underage Drinking in Communities 
Feb 23, 2006How to Effectively Defend the Minimum Legal Drinking Age (MLDA) 
Mar 23, 2006Global Look at Youth Drinking 
Mar 15, 2007Domestic Violence and the Role of Community Corrections 
Mar 27, 2007Music Drug Awareness 
Jun 01, 2007Rage in the CageNEW
Jun 01, 2007Global Positioning System (GPS) Technology for Community Supervision: Lessons LearnedNEW
Jun 21, 2007Restorative Justice & Underage Drinking 
Jun 23, 2007NIJ and NLECTC Publications, Summer 2007 
Jan 01, 2008What You Should Know About Alcohol Beverage Types 
Jun 01, 2009National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center (NLECTC) Publication ResourcesNEW
Aug 01, 2009APPA 2009 Annual Training Institute NEW